Johannesbad Physio Days 4.0 in the Sportschule

“Don’t just learn, but tackle” was the motto of the Johannesbad Physio Days, which took place from April 21 to 23 in the Sportschule Oberhaching for the fourth time. The Physio Days are the core and highlight of the partnership between the Sportschule Oberhaching and the Johannesbad Academy and are intended to give prospective physiotherapists the opportunity to apply the theory they have learned in practice in the sports environment. In the end, everyone involved was a winner, both the physiotherapy students from the Medfachschule Bad Elster and the many athletes treated from the association courses that were present.

For the young athletes, it was also an advantage to enjoy professional support during their sporting stay and to be able to complete their training sessions under the best possible conditions. The treatments always took place in teams of two with the professional supervision of experienced physiotherapists. This is also an important learning process, as Felix Spitzenberger, a prospective physiotherapist in training, emphasizes: “It was a wonderful opportunity to put the content learned in class into practice. Above all, you have gained a good insight into the specific diseases. We were able to discuss our findings and therapy with our teachers again and adapt them for future treatment.” This is also the difference to the usual assignments of trainee physiotherapists in rehabilitation clinics, where the treatments always follow a predetermined plan.

Thomas Schneiker, the project manager of the Sportschule Oberhaching, also wanted the prospective physiotherapists to have the opportunity to be part of the practical part of the courses so that they could get a feel for the very different needs of the individual sports. In addition, a team-building measure, this time the joint trip to the Munich Spring Festival, could not be missing.

Katrin Clausnitzer, the headmistress of the Medfachschule, was also very satisfied after the weekend: “Our students were again enthusiastic about the Physio Days and want to continue to be available for such events. We think that our cooperation is a very good opportunity for young physios to get into this field.”

The next Johannesbad Physio Days in the Sportschule Oberhaching are already planned for mid-June.