New partner Johannesbad Academie

“Health is our life.” This is the apt motto of the Johannesbad Academy, a new cooperation partner of the Oberhaching sports school in the field of sports physiotherapy since May of this year. Despite its immense size, the Johannesbad Group is a family company with over 50 years of tradition and a corporate culture that is characterized by the values ​​it lives by. “Our approximately 2,300 employees are our greatest asset,” says Werner Weißenberger, Board Member and CFO. That is why the company also sees its own educational institutions as a decisive strategic advantage with its Clinics, Hotels, Denta Dox and Outpatient Therapy divisions. The focus of the cooperation with the Oberhaching sports school is primarily to be able to offer the students of the nationally known medical school Bad Elster a more varied training with practical opportunities.

Kick off event at Oberaching Sports School. From left to right: Dominik Strauch (BFV Service GmbH), Robin Bauer, Werner Weißenberger, Katrin Clausnitzer (all Johannesbad Akademie), Uli Dickas (Oberhaching Sports School).

In addition to the classic partner, logo and communication rights, the cooperation includes individually tailored approaches. The Johannesbad Academy receives the right to name the physio room in the Oberhaching sports school and is responsible for both the branding of the room and the entrance door in order to be present in its core area in the sports school 365 days a year. In addition, the Johannesbad Physio Days are launched, which are to take place twice a year. Students from the Bad Elster medical school have the opportunity to work with visiting (top) athletes and exchange ideas on site in Oberhaching. At selected training camps, it should be possible to collect practical experience all year round. In return, the Oberhaching sports school will also be able to present itself as an attractive field for sports physiotherapy at the presentation of the new classes at the medical school in autumn.

The kick-off event in the Oberhaching sports school, to which managing director Uli Dickas invited, took place on June 29th. In addition to CFO Werner Weißenberg, lecturer Robin Bauer and marketing manager Nicole Klug, the headmistress Katrin Clausnitzer was also very enthusiastic about the first visit to Oberhaching: “The imposing of the sports school once again exceeds what we had imagined from the pictures before. We look forward to the new opportunities for the medical school through the cooperation. ”Uli Dickas also stated with satisfaction:“ The Johannesbad Academy is a great partner for the Oberhaching Sports School, which not only suits us in terms of content, but also very well. ” After the mutual company presentations, a detailed tour of the sports school with a visit to the physiotherapy room and a photo session, the kick-off event came to a harmonious end with lunch.

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