Your Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Practice in Munich-Oberhaching

The practice owner and tenant Korbinian Montag and his team treat all patients individually, competent and in a friendly manner. The main focus is mainly on orthopaedics, traumatology, surgery and sports medicine.

The location of the practice in the sports school Oberhaching as well as the work of Hans Jürgen Montag (deceased 1979) and his son Korbinian Montag as therapists of national and international athletes illustrates their bond with sports, which all patients benefit from.

The therapists of the Montag rehabilitation centre are with pleasure available to you during your stay in the sports school. The Montag rehabilitation centre offers various direct payment services e.g. massages, kinesio-taping, functional taping and treatment of acute injuries. Please note that the team consists exclusively of physiotherapists, massage therapists and sports scientists and that we have no doctors on site!

For organisational reasons treatment can only take place if an appointment was made beforehand. Korbinian Montag and his rehabilitation team look forward to your visit.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Homepage of the Rehab-Centre Montag in the Sports School Oberhaching