Special Olympics

Special Olympics: Athletes from Gibraltar as guests

This week we were able to welcome very special guests to the Sportschule Oberhaching: The athletes from Gibraltar, who will be taking part in the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin from next Friday, stayed and trained with us. They also experienced an extensive supporting program in order to get to know Bavarian culture better.

Host town program

A total of 20 athletes traveled to us at the beginning of the week together with their supervisors and trainers. There are more than 200 so-called host towns throughout Germany, over 200 municipal projects have been selected to receive delegations from all over the world – from 6 to 300 members – in Germany. It is the largest inclusion project in Germany. As a result, there should also be encounters beyond the borders of the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin 2023. The entire Federal Republic and we as a sports school together with the communities of Oberhaching and Taufkirchen will thus host the largest inclusive sports event in the world.

Incidentally, we are not the only host location in Munich and the surrounding area. Delegations from Canada, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea are also visiting our region.

Experience training and culture together

The athletes from Gibraltar compete in the disciplines of futsal, swimming, golf, bowling, cycling and horseback riding. They were able to carry out the final preparations for the World Games – at least in some of the sports – optimally on our spacious facility. But they were also able to try out new sports together.

In addition to the sporting activities, a cultural supporting program was also planned. Our guests rode the horse-drawn carriage, visited the traditional “Kugler Alm” beer garden and the Bavaria Filmstudios together. A colorful and varied supporting program to give you a warm welcome.

The Special Olympics in Berlin

The Special Olympics, the world’s largest sporting event for people with mental and multiple disabilities, begin next Friday in Berlin. For the first time ever, the World Games are taking place in Germany. The event gathers athletes from different countries who will compete in 26 sports. A total of 7,000 athletes from 190 delegations are expected in Berlin from Friday, which illustrates the global importance and success of the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics offer people with intellectual disabilities and multiple disabilities a unique opportunity to show their sporting skills and compete in an international competition.

The sports in which the athletes compete are diverse and range from athletics, swimming and gymnastics to team sports such as football and basketball. Each sport offers participants the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and skills and to give their best.

In addition to providing a platform for athletic competition, Special Olympics promotes inclusion, integration and understanding for people with intellectual disabilities. The event creates an atmosphere of community and cohesion in which participants can develop their skills while experiencing the support and respect of those around them.

The Special Olympics in Berlin will undoubtedly be an inspiring and moving event that celebrates the strength and courage of the participating athletes. It is an opportunity for people from all over the world to gather and collectively celebrate the power of sport and the uniqueness of each individual.

The Sportschule Oberhaching is very proud to be a part of this great event and to make an important contribution in the field of inclusion. Thank you for being our guest!