Successful table tennis congress

Last weekend, the annual trainers’ congress of the Bavarian Table Tennis Academy (BTTA) took place at the Sportschule Oberhaching. With a wide-ranging program, the event attracted around 70 enthusiastic table tennis coaches, who extended their licenses and refreshed their theoretical and practical knowledge.

The first “serve” was made on Friday in the mirror room, before the participants distributed themselves to the various seminar rooms and the sports hall. They had the opportunity to put together their individual seminar series from 30 exciting topics. From mental training in table tennis to player development, from massage and health to nutrition in sports – there was something for everyone.

In addition to the theoretical units, there were of course also practical exercises on the program. The hall filled with the merry clacking of the balls while the coaches demonstrated their skills in games and competitions. It wasn’t just about the perfect footwork at the table, but also about the right movement off the table. Serves and returns were analyzed, the basic technique was improved and the exercise design of the future was explored.

However, the Table Tennis Congress would not be what it is without its top-class speakers. Michael Hagmüller, Managing Director of the BTTA, got support from 14 outspoken experts. The participants were infected by their knowledge and enthusiasm and created an inspiring atmosphere.

“Everyone was satisfied and that’s why it was a successful event,” said Michael Hagmüller happily at the final conclusion. The participants returned to their clubs with new impulses and fresh knowledge, ready to take their training work to a new level. Hopefully the stay at the Sportschule Oberhaching and the trainers’ congress will be fondly remembered.

We would like to thank all participants and speakers for their commitment and passion. The trainers’ congress of the Bavarian Table Tennis Academy was a complete success and we are already looking forward to next year when the balls will fly again.